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Purchased a 2014 Buick Enclave from Demontrond in Houston Tx, on July 28, with leather seats. When I came on August 1 to pick it up, the so called leather seats I had ordered were after market seats (which was never told to me) and completely covered front and back with puckered, and rippled leather everywhere.

The leather was cut to short and was marked leather but had a foam like backing on it like vinyl, tag said Katzkin. I have lots of pictures. They had the car in the dealership "cooling off" . They told us to make it nice for when we got in was really to cool off the leather in hopes that is would shrink.

They did refund my money after I told them that if they were not willing to give me factory seats like I thought I was getting, then we were not taking possession of the car. We now were without a car, since they took back the lease on Monday, we had to literally walk down the street to rent a car for a week or so , so we can go look for another car AND worst of all my credit now shows a car on it that I dont own, at least until they can correct the paper work. AND I am very sure my credit score will go down because of all this. ...They tried very hard to pull a fast one on us, but we thankfully caught them.

I only wonder how many others they have pulled this on...and how many more they intend to pull it on.

Thank you for your time.

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